Hashira Latrodectus

Tame A Venomous Spider And Make It Your Own Out Of 1500 Unique Animated Widow Spiders.

Latrodectus is a collection of spiders known as “true widows”. This includes the Black Widow. These small spiders have an unusually potent venom. Female widow spiders have unusually large venom glands and their bite is vicious.
wow spider
they speak for themselves

Our NFTs

Nature Spider
Eldritch Horror
Gold Fire Dragon
B&W Demon
Mutant Variant
Gold Mutant
Phase 2/4


We have now completed the Minting phase. The spiders are now crawling into phase 2. 

We continue to grow a solid community in our discord server. No NFT project is successful without its supporters and we intend to keep growing in strength and numbers. We keep it light, entertaining and are going to continue providing solid WL's and Alpha calls to our members.
Reveals of the art
Reveals are intended to end by May 30th. 2022. After this we will be airdropping a 1-1 Legendary spiders to our OG supporters. As well as raffles for the remaining 1-1's.
Huge rally (pamp it up)
Once our infamous spiders are all revealed, we will go into overdrive to bring hype to our project. We have a plan in place which we will announce in detail in our Discord server. The end result will be higher volume and solid listing ratio. This will put us back on Magic Eden's popular page.

This will be followed with AMA's the team, as well as other promotional plays. Stay tuned for mega degen plays.
$Vials / Staking
The release of our token which our NFTs can be staked for is now upon us. It will be all set up after the full reveal.

$vials will be redeemable for WL's to projects, raffles, exclusive and limited merch drops.

wow spider
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